Are Images on Amazon Images That Are NotOkay?

created on 30, 3, 2020

The question of whether or not it is technically possible to use a photograph on your site has been a major concern for many webmasters. As most website owners know, there are many aspects of publishing content such as web graphics and photos that can easily turn into a nightmare when you allow them to degrade due to the technical requirements. It seems that so many websites use photography for their layout because of the simplicity of using a JPEG format image file for embedding in a webpage.

The main thing that makes choosing JPEG format images a less than ideal choice for publishing your main image files on your site is the fact that it does not provide for dynamic Web Gallery features and, because the images cannot be optimized, you will have to run the same optimized JPEG that your customers use on their computers through the Amazon Search Appliance for displaying in your Amazon Main Image Requirement list. So, is it really possible to use JPEG format images in order to make sure that all of your Amazon products have the proper placement on your site?

There are three areas where it is possible to have images without running the risk of violating Amazon's main image requirements. These areas are:

Amazon Images For Kindle: The Kindle can be used to display the full size photographs as well as the ones that are the same size as the Kindle's screen. Amazon designed this option to avoid disrupting the layout of your site while serving up the best quality image available for display on your site.

Amazon Photo Pages: This allows you to use images for website pages that are not images that are directly related to Amazon. There are plenty of photo pages available for your site that have been designed to look like Amazon but that have not been designed specifically for your Amazon site.

Amazon Images: Amazon images also can be used to add appearance to your Amazon website layout without any further action by you. This means that you can use images for design purposes that are not necessarily Amazon products.

Amazon Preferences: Amazon Preferences is the most convenient option for creating your own Web Gallery from any pictures that you upload directly to your Amazon account. Amazon also provides you with the ability to upload 100% royalty free photographs to your Amazon account and to embed media files in your Amazon code that will create an image that you can use as a graphic on your site.

In order to make sure that you are not breaking any of Amazon's main image requirements, you should consider the third option in which you don't actually use an Amazon product image. In this case, it is possible to use images that look like Amazon products on your site.

There are several ways that you can use images to make your site look like Amazon. If you are a Kindle or Photo Page owner, you can create a custom page that looks just like Amazon and then use one of the many free Amazon web templates available for it.

If you are an Amazon user, you can create a template that displays Amazon branding, Amazon logos, Amazon text, and Amazon "Amazon" -branded pictures. If you want to appear like Amazon, you can integrate these fonts and designs into your template as well.

You can create a template to look like Amazon, although you don't need to do anything else to your existing Amazon website. All you need to do is find the right Amazon product image for your product and then change the font size, colors, and image tags for your Amazon website.

You can also embed an Amazon logo that you create on your own website to make it look like Amazon as well. This means that all you need to do is install a plug-in to your website and set up a simple code to embed Amazon's Web Services menu on your site so that customers can see this information in your Amazon search results.


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